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 A great experience with Adam Marrow. He was well prepared for the 9 holes experience. Adam showed up early to watch us practice. By the time we played, he was already dialled into both our games (club yardage etc.). Adam gave us pertinent and usable information about both our individual games Selectively during and in summary after 9 holes. Most importantly, Adam didn't overload us with tips. We both game away with one or two accurate tips that we both feel will help us achieve lower handicaps. Adam was also good fun to have around. We are planning on a annual 6 or 12 month review with Adam.

Andy Sale + Ian Richmond
Caddie: Adam Marrow | RAC Club Epsom | Handicap before experience: 14+11

Steve, thank you for a fantastic day today.
I've come away not only with a new way of approaching course strategy, but with a couple of new shots to work on too!
Already feeling confident I'll reach my golfing target for the year thanks to your advice. 
I'll be recommending the experience to anyone serious about improving their scores whatever their level. 
Hope to do it again in the future.

Ian Payne
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Frilford Heath G.C| Handicap before experience 6

Having been thinking about booking the experience after seeing it all posted through social media, I couldn't ignore the opportunity any longer after seeing all the positive feedback sent in about the experience. A friend of mine had attended the week before and he couldn't stop talking about how good the day was. 
I ventured up to Newark Golf Club to see Steve and from start to finish the man was world class. Steve has a wealth of experience and is so personable to go with it, really enjoyable to spend a few hours in his company learning so much, not only about my game but life on tour and his experiences with the greats such as the late Seve. From the very first tee shot, he challenged my way of thinking and provided simple ways to manage your way around the course. The key being he made the game simpler, which we are all in need of. Having filled in the form before going, he was aware I felt my shortgame was not up to the standard I would like and he really helped with that and instilled a confidence in shots from under 120 that I never have had. Had time for a drink and a chat afterwards about some wonderful stories that I won't share with you because you simply HAVE to book and go experience it for yourself. 

Simple and effective. Received my summary pack in the post the next day which was really cool and now to set about working on what was in the report. Will 100% be going back to visit the man again. 

Whatever standard of golf you play, this experience will help. Cheers Steve, awesome.

Ed Dimambro
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Gog Magog G.C | Handicap before experience 0

From first arriving at Newark Golf Club the experience totally exceeded even the most rave reviews so far. Steve met me on the putting green where we had a chat and talked about pre-round basic checks. He had a really cool laser gadget from Visio putting to help me check my alignment etc and feel good before heading the range. Hit a few balls to warm up before heading to the 10th tee to get on the course and see what the fuss is all about. From start to finish, the stress free element to the round was evident and the ability to select shots and clubs to keep away from danger was very impressive. Ways to play short holes and par 3's that I certainly wouldn't have considered before. Steve noticed very early that I struggled to set up square at address and gave me a really simple way to do it. After the round Steve was kind enough to share a drink and a chat before departing. The next day in the post, I received my pack which contained all that was covered, highlighting the key points. 

As the title says, for all levels of golfer stop thinking about it and just book. Different class. Thank you Steve!

William McQueeney
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Links Newmarket G.C | Professional

I would like to thank Steve for the excellent and professional experience I received from start to finish. 
The pre questions obviously helped him get a understanding of my game and what I was looking to achieve and he turned up well prepared giving me that personal touch to the experience.  

The on course experience was priceless and I took so much away from just 9 holes that I instantly felt confident that my scores were going to tumble due to the helpful insight Steve was able to offer. 

The post experience report I received in the post a few days later was fantastic. Not only did it cover everything we talked about on the course during the experience but it also linked back to my goals and targets for the year. I have come away with 3 or 4 key takeaways and things I am going to work on religiously over the coming weeks/months in order to achieve my goals. 

I couldn't recommend this experience enough to anyone who is looking for improve their golf and reduce their handicap!

Matt Holbrook
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Colne Valley G.C | H'Cap before experience: 11

Wasn't sure what to expect from this day. It was a birthday present. All I can say is, if you enjoy golf, want to learn how to think your way around a course and get some great insight to the life of a caddie on tour, this is not going to disappoint. 
Started the day practice putting, that's a first for me. Then off to the range to warm up. Already this is all new useful tips. Who would have thought warming up would help😀
Then off to the first. Steve, Bro, taught me things about getting around a course without getting into danger. Awesome tips on lining up, club selection and target areas. Always think about the best miss. That's my mantra now.
You will learn how far you hit the ball. I was sure I could hit a 5 iron 190. How wrong was I. 
Steve brought the day to life effortlessly. Professional, respected my bad swing and great anecdotes. 
If you want a great day out on a golf course with a professional caddie who knows his stuff, This is the day for you. 
It WILL improve your game and open your eyes. Can't wait to do this again. 
Brilliant day, thanks Steve (Bro)

Rick Kirk
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | The Wiltshire G.C | H'Cap before experience: 16

What a day, not only was Steve very engaging right from meeting us he continued that for the entire experience. What a thouroughly professional set up, honest and constructive practical advice that I can't wait to put into action on the course.

Rick and I both agreed that it was the best golfing experience we have ever had. Listening to Steve's stories and about life on tour through the round was enlightening and honest.

So enjoyable, the only disappointment was that it ended, that said, we are definitely going to book again in the future.

To anyone thinking of doing it, in my opinion you will have a superb time

Thanks Bro, great, great day

Andy Crook
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | The Wiltshire G.C | H'Cap before experience: 19

Not enough space to write about this experience. So I'll sum it up in one 

Ray Wrigley
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Kingsthorpe G.C | H'Cap before experience: 18

Regardless of your level of expertise, I would recommend using the Tour Caddy Experience.

I'm a useless golfer, and Steve Brotherhood sent me away with a detailed plan for how to improve, and a sense of determination to do so.

I was also offered a really interesting insight into the reality of being a caddy on tour.

For a more detailed account, please read

Peter Willett
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Golf Club N/A | H'Cap before experience N/A

The Tour Caddy Experience was a great help to way I think on the golf course. Also it helped me simplify the game more, making me feel relaxed on the course. I had a fantastic day and I would definitely recommend it to any golfer, whether established or just beginning. Thanks again Steve and speak soon.

Oliver Harrod
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Seaford Golf club | H'Cap before experience: +2

I had my caddie experience 8 weeks ago and the difference it has made to my game in that short space of time has been phenomenal!! I had so many rounds of golf where I was swinging great but not scoring well at all (frustrating is an understatement) after one hole with Steve I was thinking about the game differently club selection aim points yardages and that's just the tee shot. We paid lots of attention to pitching and chipping. We see the lads on TV throwing a 60 wedge 80 feet in the air and stopping it on a penny and we think we can do it (we can’t!). Steve got me around 9 holes with the same ball and played 1 under my handicap it was by far the simple and controlled golf! I'll be back again

👍 Tom Willis

Tom Willis
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Newark Golf club | H'Cap before experience: 12

Iv only played golf for two years but the array of information I received over 2 hours on a Friday afternoon from Steve could have saved me endless shots over the last few years. It's the fine details Steve goes into ensuring you understand his way of thinking and the reason why, which really impressed me. Two weeks later I went on to shoot an 84 and 86, which is something, I had never achieved before. He's imprinted some solid fundamentals in my way of thinking around a golf course. This experience is a must for anyone who is serious about improving his or her handicap.

Luke Hutchinson
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Newark Golf club | H'Cap before experience: 16

Had a really great morning with caddy Martin he came over to my home club to look at a few things I thought I could improve on. He really helped with working out playing distances and yardages which I struggle with. Also went spent some time on the putting green doing some green reading. All in all had a great time and learnt a lot would definitely recommend to anyone that is serious about there golf

Sam Whitaker
Caddie: Martin Gray | Blankney GC | H'Cap before experience: +3

Had a great experience with Steve. Lots of great tips and advice. It's vastly improved my game with better course management and strong pre shoot routine. Would highly recommend ok if u want improve your game.

Sam Gallop
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Newark Golf Club | H'Cap before experience: 19

An absolute brilliant few hours for any level of golfer. Bro's knowledge and experience was evident from the start. The information i came away with was priceless and will be used forever. Very professional and well thought out, even down to the review booklet and your plan for the future.

I will definitely be back for more.

Neil Gladwin
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Between Golf Clubs | H'Cap before experience: 13

 Having been a single figure handicap player for a few years, but always making poor decisions which cost me I decided to see what a caddy experience could do for my game in the long term. My eyes have been opened up to how stress free I can make my rounds of golf by thinking smarter. I'm looking forward to seeing my scores improve in the future.

James Todd
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Newark GC | H'Cap before experience: 6

I would just like to say as a playing professional it was great to see what a caddy can really do for your game! I had a great day yesterday with Steve and can really see how he can save you shots at all levels! Would highly recommend it.

Thanks Again


Jordan Wrisdale
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Boston GC | Professional Golfer

Attended event at Newark golf Club Wednesday 23rd Nov 16

This was a superb golfing experience. Highly Recommended. Read about the experience in more detail via this feature on


Give it a go. Great fun!

Cheers Andy

Andrew Picken
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Horsley Lodge GC | H'Cap before experience: 20

Bro's Tour Caddy Experience has taken my game to a new level. I finally shot under 90 for the first time, with two rounds of 88 within the last week and I did this without using my riskiest club – the driver! I now play with a fresh perspective and by thinking my way round the course I am achieving what I always wanted – more consistency and better scores. Highly recommended.

Cheers Phil.

Phil Nolan
Caddie: Steve Brotherhood | Newark Golf Club | H'Cap before experience: 21