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  FlightScope MEVO

FlightScope MEVO

The mevo is a personal launch monitor with multi-sport capabilities designed for athletes to practice with a purpose. Mevo was developed by FlightScope, a global high-tech company and industry leader in the development and manufacturing of sports technology.

  Bushnell Lasers

Bushnell Lasers


Introducing the world’s first Laser Rangefinder and GPS combo unit with a fully integrated display featuring both laser and GPS yardages.


  • First ever integrated GPS/Laser Display

  • Dual Battery Source (CR2 for Laser and USB for GPS)

  • Includes Charging Cable, Carry Case, CR2 Battery


  • Range to a Flag: 400 Yards

  • 5× Magnification

  • PinSeeker with JOLT Technology

  • Accurate to 1 Yard

  • Fast Focus System


  • Preloaded with 36,000+ Courses in 30 Countries

  • Exterior GPS Readout Includes Front/Center/Back

  • Up to 4 Hazard Distances Per Hole

  • Bluetooth for Auto Course Updates

  • Auto Course Recognition & Auto Hole Advance

For all of the TCE past and present clients, if you are interested in buying a Bushnell laser of any model please contact me for you competitive TCE price!


Shot Scope V2 combines GPS distances to F/M/B of the green and hazards with automatic performance tracking. The V2 is the world’s smartest GPS watch with the highest grade GPS chip on the market. 

Shot Scope V2 has a database of over 40,000 courses each with detailed mapping of individual features, allowing Shot Scope to produce detailed dynamic yardages. Dynamic yardages give you the true, current and accurate yardage to the green no matter what your angle of approach is. (also available in metres)

One of the stand out features of Shot Scope V2 is PinCollect. This feature is the only bit of user interaction required when playing – all you have to do is mark on the watch how many putts you’ve had, standing over the hole. This enables Shot Scope to provided highly detailed statistics about putting, short game and approach proximity – unlike any other watch out there!

The interactive performance dashboard provides access to over 100 detailed statistics about your game. Gain insights into driving accuracy/distance, approach proximity, short game and putting statistics. Additionally, learn how far you hit each club with the average club distance statistic. Discover where your strengths and weaknesses are and use this information to help you improve!

If any of the TCE past or present clients would like to order a any of the above please contact me for your competitive TCE price.