Enjoy a unique golfing experience by playing a game with your own European Tour caddie

Golfers at every level can benefit from this unique opportunity which will provide a positive effect to your game.  Tips you receive from your caddie will help improve your score and your approach to golf course management.

The 'Tour Caddy Experience' offers the chance to get an experienced caddie on your bag benefitting you by having some of the best qualified caddies in the world supporting your every shot. 

This is an unique chance to play the courses YOU PLAY like the professionals.

All the caddies are experienced Tour based professional caddies who possess golfing knowledge and insights from the Tours to help your game and play better golf.

Here is what 6 time European tour winner david howell has to say.


get your own caddie experience

If you can relate to any of the following then you need a caddie experience with a European Tour caddie

  • Hitting the ball well but not scoring?
  • Do you want to win comps and reduce your handicap?
  • Do you REALLY know how far you hit the ball?
  • Do you get the best out of your game?

To become a winner and a better player all round, you need to think about your game differently.  Book a round with a tour caddie on your bag and let them help you think like a Pro!


Interested in the the 'Tour Caddy Experience' and how it could benefit your game.

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With Tour Caddies all around the country - find a 'TOUR CADDY EXPERIENCE' caddie local to you.

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